Additional Products

All American Solar is a family-owned and operated business proudly serving Florida residents with top-quality solar and energy-saving products. If you want to help the environment and reduce the power bill for your home, business or farm, we have the perfect solar power solution for you.

We also sell, install, and maintain a variety of additional high-quality, low-maintenance products designed to reduce your energy bill – and make your home more enjoyable.

Additional Products

In addition to residential and commercial solar power systems, All American Solar provides:

Solar Water Heaters

Heat your water using solar technology, eliminating the need for the energy-sucking traditional home water heaters.

Solar Pool Heaters

Heat your pool using the power of the sun. Extend your swim season without the cost of an electric water heater.

Hybrid Water Heaters

Heat your water using ambient heat from your garage. These units pull heat from the air and can reduce your water heating costs by up to 75 percent.

Solar Attic Fans

Ventilate your attic without using more electricity. Prolong the lifespan of your roof, reduce attic heat and moisture and eliminate mold without the added cost of an electric attic fan.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Replace traditional pool pumps with a more efficient one. Traditional pumps run at full power the whole time they are on. These can be adjusted depending on your needs at the time. They are easy to program, and many pumps can be controlled from your phone or mobile device.

Water Treatment Systems

Water filtration system for your whole house. Florida is known for having bad-tasting and hard water.

Smart Thermostats

Nest thermostats control your home’s temperature from our phone or other mobile device. The programmable thermostat also reduces energy costs.

All American Solar is a family-owned and operated business, so we know the importance of saving money. That’s why we provide quality solar installation and additional products at prices for any budget.