Commercial and AgriculturalSolar Solar Solutions

From small businesses to large manufacturing facilities and sprawling agricultural sites, All American Solar has the perfect solar power solution to fit any budget. A clean, environmentally friendly energy source, solar energy can yield a significant return on investment for business and building owners. All American Solar is proud to supply Florida with expert solar installation for businesses, industrial properties, farms and more.

Commercial Solar Systems for Agricultural Uses

Solar power often is a more affordable option than running new electric lines to reach remote locations on a farm or agricultural site. In addition, agricultural solar power does not require fuel and has no moving parts, which makes it easier to maintain and operate.

Solar Installation to Pump Water

Most farms use an agricultural solar installation to pump water. With solar power, you can easily and affordably bring the source of the power to the well. Solar power often is used to pump water to irrigate crops, store water and contribute to home and livestock water needs.

Why Invest in Commercial Solar?

There are many reasons to consider solar energy for your commercial site. Here are just a few:

Tax Benefits

The federal Investment Tax Credit gives businesses that install a photovoltaic (PV) solar system a 26 percent tax credit on the cost of the system. States and local utilities may also offer their own rebate systems to reduce the overall costs of solar installation.

Operating Advantages

A solar power system can greatly reduce a business’ operating expenses, which improves the financial bottom line. Corporate utility costs often decline to the point where the savings can pay for the solar system.

Fixed Electric Costs

Solar power guards against fluctuations in the power markets. Electricity rates generally increase about 5 percent annually. Solar power takes out the guesswork and gives you a fixed expense each month.

Low Maintenance/High Reliability:

All American Solar’s installations require very little maintenance and produce no extra noise. Manufacturers design solar panels so they will withstand most natural elements.

Whether you need quality solar installation, sales or maintenance for a small business, a manufacturing facility or a sprawling farm, All American Solar can help.