Residential Solar Systems and Battery Backups in Orange City, FL

By harvesting the power of the sun with solar from All American Solar, you can reduce your home power bills, help the environment and more. All American Solar is proud to provide expert sales, installation, service and maintenance of residential solar systems and a variety of solar-powered products.

We Keep Your Florida Home Powered At All Times

Residential solar power systems do save you money, but most are still tied into the electric grid. When the electricity goes out, your solar panels stop producing electricity as a safety mechanism for the electric grid and the people working on it.

Battery Backups and Generators

We provide battery backups and generators options. Your solar panels keep the battery charged to be used when the grid is down. So, while your neighbors have no electricity, your solar backup battery or generator is keeping your home fully powered.

Advantages of Home a Solar System

If you are considering solar installation, you know there are many advantages to having a home solar power system. Here are a few:

Solar power reduces or eliminates electric bills. Your solar panels generate electricity, which means you do not have to pay nearly as much to the local electric company to keep your home powered every month.

Having solar panels installed increases the value of your home.

Solar is a clean, renewable source of energy that reduces carbon dioxide emissions, so it creates no pollution.

You can control your power bill amid rising energy costs. When electricity costs increase, you have no choice but to pay what you are charged. The good news is that while the cost of electricity has increased 5 percent each year in the past decade, the cost of solar power has gone down more than 70 percent.

With the many financial incentives connected to solar power, you can earn bill credits – and even extra cash – as your residential solar power system creates electricity. Your investment in solar installation can pay for itself – and then some.

Solar installation is easy and convenient. All American Solar can install solar panels anywhere there is sunlight. It can be on the roof of your home or on a garage or outbuilding. And if we do install on your roof, we use techniques and materials that will not void your roof’s warranty.

All American Solar would love to show you the many ways you can benefit from residential solar installation. Our expert solar technicians will help you determine the perfect residential solar power system for your home and your budget.